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change_in_2012's Journal

2012 Related
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Anybody , Moderated
Discussion about possible unusual change in 2012
We in this community are interested in the multitude of predictions and theories centered around the year 2012. For example the Mayan prophecies, or the Timewave theory presented by Terrence McKenna. We gather here to share thoughts, and feelings, and to ask questions about the topic.

What's okay:

Any post concerning significant change in human, global, or universal circumstance, society, consciousness, or life occurring in the year 2012.
Pretty much anything on-topic, no matter how whimsically it may seem. A dream is fine. A painting. A passing thought. A poem. A long rambly post (lj-cut is requested). Links to other sites, or information. A question. A rant. A feeling. A premonition. A psychedelic trip. A story. A proposition. A joke - literally anything at all as long as it is on topic.
Anything that gets on-topic thoughts from one mind to another.

What's not okay:

Any post not concerning significant change in human, global, or universal circumstance, society, consciousness, or life occurring in the year 2012.
Flames, bullying, impoliteness, or any other version of being generally mean to one and other.
Doing anything that only impedes the getting of on-topic thoughts from one mind to another.

This group is a democracy. I may have created it, but it is not mine. All are welcome, until proven unwelcome. You are invited to make suggestions about the running of the group, or the contents of the info page.
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