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Re: All the Truth about 2012

Some more calculations for those interested:

I defined a "charming date" as a date made of only 3 digits (or less).
2.2.2000 (two digits)
and many more in 2000
and also
so much many

you got here 13 years with a lot of "charming dates", and even 13 years in a row, with a date in each year, with a certain number, that appears both in the day, in the month, in the year, and in a "charming date".

Now what happens in 2010-2012 ?
This is very special.
All "charming dates" in these 3 years, are with the same 3 digits: 0,1,2
Actually, we get 120 "charming dates" in these years, all with the same 3 digits, and with no other "charming date" in the middle which is made of a different combination of 3 digits.
(If you can't see why this doesn't happen in 2000-2002, or in 2020-2022, think of 3.3.2000 or 4.4.2022.)
All this period of 2000-2012, is with the most charm in numbers possible since we started counting.
2100-2102 is the only next time in the coming millennium with 120 "charming dates in a row all from the same 3 digits". (you need 3 years in a row, all with the same 3 digits that you are talking about, and all 3 digits appearing in all 3 years)
And when does the charm "end" this time ?
This is the last of those 120 "charming dates". Right next to the famous 21.12.2012 to whom the change of time is usually attributed.
(why 120 dates? think of 1.1.2010, 2.1.2010, 10.1.2010, 11.1.2010, 12.1.2010 and 20th,21st and ,22nd of that month. 8 such "charming dates" in January alone. now switch the month to 2,10,11 or 12, and we get 5 such months, which gives us a total of 40 such dates in the year, and another 40 in each of the following years, resulting in a total of 120).
After that, not only will time frighten us less, it will also charm us less, making us over all less affected by time, and more "free" from it.
I also guess, that all this 2012 obsession nowadays, is strongly connected to the fact that "This is the time that dates have charmed us more than ever before". And after 2012, these kind of obsessions will cool down, as Time charms us less and less, or frighten us with a 9-11 combo, less and less.

I always considered 21.12.2012 to be such a beautiful date, but now it seems to me more as a beautiful period of time.
So many dates, in 3 years, all with same digits of the 21.12.2012.

After filling our minds with obsessions about that date, I guess something like this might happen to us in 2010:
"so many dates seem like 21.12.2012, what's going on ?"

And in 2013, the process is over.
2013 might appeal to the eye, consisting of 0,1,2,3 but these are 4 digits, not 3, and therefore no more "charming dates" until 2020, (again, if this is how we define charm), and not a huge amount of them until 2100-2102, and nothing quite like the charm of 2000-2012, the biggest charm ever, past and future.
(you get some good charm in 1000-1012, but no "three years period of the 'same' charm").
(3000-3013 don't give you so much charm, 2 is much more common than 3 in the days and in the months, even though 3 is just a little more in the days than the 0, and we're gonna have some good charm in 2131-2133, 2311-2313, 3121-3123 and 3211-3213
(days and months with 0 and 3: days: 3,10,13,20,23,30,31, months: 3, 10),

The bottom line:
Nothing like this 2000-2012 charm since ever we can really remember, and nothing like we can predict in any sense of future, and with nothing even coming close, until 2100-2102.
For all reasons mentioned, our time is the perfect "time-dates-obsession-period".

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