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What do you think?

Poll #1281322 World-wide Awareness..?

The earth is home to more than 6,500 million people. How many of us do you think are aware or have heard of what is going to happen in the year 2012?

less than 1%

Re: All the Truth about 2012

Some more calculations for those interested:

I defined a "charming date" as a date made of only 3 digits (or less).
2.2.2000 (two digits)
and many more in 2000
Read more...Collapse )

The bottom line:
Nothing like this 2000-2012 charm since ever we can really remember, and nothing like we can predict in any sense of future, and with nothing even coming close, until 2100-2102.
For all reasons mentioned, our time is the perfect "time-dates-obsession-period".

All the Truth about 2012

We all heard about 2012.

So many Explanations and Stories.

I've heard stories about aliens, about astrology, about changing the rhythm of time, Heaven on Earth, energies, other dimensions, bad-stuff-happening, galactic-astrological-synchronizations, changes in calenders, parties, and so many contradicting, not-really-scientific, not-always-rational data.

I seek to explain the phenomenon, without stubborn rhetoric, without any vague concepts, and without any energy / aliens / dimensional / other-unproven-data (or at least considered unproven).

Having said that, I'll try to explain the 2012 phenomenon, or the phenomenon of 2012 obsession.

My first argument:
Numbers effect people.

People are charmed, for example, by certain numbers, and are afraid, from other numbers, for a variety of reasons.
I don't claim everyone is charmed and afraid by numbers, but enough people do, so in the global-scale, number do effect people, not necessarily in the same manner.
(The number X can charm one person, deter another, and not effect another two people, in a group of 4, for example).
I find it easy to be charmed by
And I am charmed by the fact they are both the same day.

But I would like to focus more on dates and numbers that make people fear.
Some dates frighten some of us:

Some numbers that might frighten a Christian:
Or Jews:

My second argument:
The 9 - 11 combination is problematic enough in order to become a date of destruction.
(Sounds strange, but read it through).

I don't ask here to explain this, just to show this, but I'll try to give an explanation nonetheless.
One possible explanation, is the common characteristic of 9 and 11.
They are both very close to 10, and this is what is common, and so their combination emphasizes this.
10 is a very special number for the human psyche, and usually symbolizes wholeness and completeness and perfection, not for a mystical, or a numerological, or a really-stupid reason, but because we have 10 fingers, and they are the base of our counting system, and 10 symbolizes the completeness of the counting, the 10 fingers, and the 10 digits.
Those of us who look for grades will see a perfection in 10, since it is the perfect grade.
Those of us who look for completeness in sexuality, and in the merging of the opposites, will also see in 10 completeness, as 1 is the male organ, 0 is the female organ, and 10 is their combination in one complete whole perfect unity.
Those of us with religious upbringing can see 10 in the 10 commandments and other important symbols.
Symbolic connections between 9 and 11, are exactly what moves away from that wholeness, and emphasizes the distinction from wholeness.
You might think I'm only talking about the WTC 9/11 case, but you'll understand soon.

I don't think there has to be a cosmic force to make more destructions on dates with 9 and 11, but somehow this combination effects enough people for us to have more on such dates.
Maybe the explanation I gave for why this could happen doesn't convince, but this is not the point, the point is that it is like that, statistically, as we'll see in some detailed examples.
For simplicity, I'll use both the European style of writing dates - day.month.year - E - and the North-American style - month.day.year - U.

You might think that finding 9's and 11's in the 20th century is not so hard, but remember, the 20th century was the most bloody of them all, which strengthens my theory.

Do you see any combinations between 9 and 11 in the following dates ?
(remember the mind reads digits one by one...)

WTC destruction:
9.11.2001 U

Crystal night, first major violent breakout before the holocaust, became a memory of a day of destruction:
9.11.1938 E

9.1.1939 U

Murder of Kennedy:
22.11.1963 E

Murder of Gandhi:
30.1.1938 E

Murder of Israel's prime minster, Rabin:
4.11.1995 E

Attempted murder of Jordanian King, King Hussein and the start of Black September:
9.1.1970 U

Gulf War:
1.15.1991 U
15.1.1991 E

And there's more, but I think the list is enough.

Anyone who disagrees, and thinks I'm not convincing enough, is welcome to present another pair of numbers, whose combination

appears in so many dates that became memories of destruction, and I think it is fair to request that at least one of the numbers in the pair will be a 2-digit-number.
(Don't tell me 1 and 9, OK ?)

I don't think, and I don't claim, that this is total.
You have many dates with 9 and 11 without any problem, and you also have destructions in other dates, but this is still a

statistical abnormality.

I'll soon show how the 9-11 combination became a destruction-date in more than the Western calender to prove my point.
Before that, I'd like to talk a little about the American emergency phone number

We usually think of it as
dial nine-one-one
But originally it was promoted as
dial nine-eleven.
A lot of people complained "they can't find the eleven" so they changed the way they say it.
So originally the 9-11 combination also appeared in emergency cases.
Police, Fire Department, Medical help, all in one number.
And when do you call ?
When you are more away from the feeling or delusion that everything is complete and perfect.
So once again, the 9-11 combination is connected in many persons' minds with "something bad is happening".

You can also see something interesting with Roman numerations.
9 - IX
11 - XI
Again showing that the human mind sees them as "one away from 10", while X is the most symmetric of all the Roman numerals (both top-bottom and right-left symmetries, and 90 degrees rotation symmetry if it's a "perfect" X.), and it's the only letter used (I,V,X,L,C,D,M) that you can't write in one time without lifting the pen or going over the same line twice, making it more "special" for the mind, two symmetrical lines meeting each other in the middle.

Now I'll move to another calender:
The Hebrew Year of Judaism. One of the oldest calenders still in use.
It goes both by the sun and by the moon, making itself more accurate than the Western calender, or the Muslim one, as far as "making the year accurate and on time" goes.

Unlike other calenders and traditions, the Jews somehow combined all their major destruction stories, to one date that symbolizes destruction
The Ninth of AV.
While AV is the 11th month of the Hebrew year.
(The Hebrew calender / calenders have several new-years, but the most common, and the only one used until today, is the one who starts the year with a holiday called "The head of the year", in which the digit of the years increases by one, and is in a month (always a new-moon day) who is always 2 months after AV, and basically 10 months before AV, making AV the 11th month, in a 12 months year, eventually making the 9th of AV, as the 9th of the 11th Month.)

This is a list of destructions that are associated with that date, some of them are made so by formal Jewish religious law,some are historically documented, some are of an unknown enough source, and even if some of it is made up (by others of course, not by me), it still shows that there's a tendency of the mind to connect destructions with 9-11-combination-dates:

The fall of the first temple.
(this in the bible appears in 2 places, one as 7th of AV, the other as 10th of AV, but formal Judaism is considering it as 9th of Av, and this is the official day of fasting and mourning about it, which is also obligatory, for religious Jews).

The fall of the second temple.

Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans

Expulsion of Jews from Spain
(A major event in Jewish history, highly documented).

Roman Jews are put in ghettos in Rome.

Expulsion from England and in another year, from France.

First World War
(Calculated by the date Germany declared war on Russia, and it became a world war, WW1).

The Jews also believe that in the bible, the Hebrews traveled for 40 years in the desert, instead of going straight into their Promised Land, because they were punished by God for some sin, called "the sin of the spies", and that punishment is considered to have taken place on the Ninth of Av, as well as all the others.

So what do we see ?
Nowadays, the 9-11 combination has become a date that symbolizes destruction in more than one calender.

(There's more symmetry between the 9-11's of the Western and Hebrew calenders main destruction date - the fall of The Temple,and the fall of The Towers. Both in a mythological city - Jerusalem is the most mythological city for the Jewish people, and NYC is deeply connected to the American Dream, with its Statue of Liberty, welcoming the immigrants, as well as possessing other American-Dream-Symbols, and both destructions are on a 9-11 date in the year).

I can't be sure you're convinced why this is happening.
But it does.
Even if some of those destructions, or those dates, are pure accidents, it causes more fear of those dates eventually.
And again, I'm not saying all destructions are on those dates. I don't know the dates of the atomic bombing of Japan in the Japanese calender, but I believe there's enough data to see that something is going on.
And this finally concludes the second argument.

My third argument:
Starting from 2012, we have much less dates with 9-11 combinations in the Western calender, (which is the most important and globally used calender).

In the 20th century, we had the most dates with such a combination.
In the beginning of the 21st, we have a little less.
Ever since 2012, the years don't give us any 11 at all, and we got a 9 in the years only once every 10 years, and in the 2090s which result in 19 years with a 9 in the year, in all the century, compared to 100 years with a 9, in the 20th century.

If a combination between a 9 and an 11 causes destruction, then we'll have less destructions.
If such a combination makes people afraid, then we have less reasons to fear.
If you think such dates don't mean anything at all, then it wouldn't get any worse, not because of this anyway.
If enough extreme people go crazy especially on such dates, then they have less reasons to go crazy.

My fourth argument:
All the spiritual, cultural, pseudo-scientific interest around the change of 2012, is because of the 9-11 symbolism I showed.

Check out the date given to mark the change:
12.21.2012 U
21.12.2012 E

The year:
Right after 2011, and shortly after 2009, just as they disappear from the digits of the years.
The Month:
The 12th month, right after the 11th month and shortly after September, just as they disappear from the digits of the months.
The day
Not one digit like a 9
Not 1X like an 11
not 20 like 9 + 11
The 21st day of the 12th month of the only year with a 12 in its digits, in the 21st Century.
So much charm, so much completeness, and wholeness, and symmetry, and even perfection. you got the 1 and 0 of the 10, next to each other. you got nothing to remind of the "away from completeness" in this date. Nothing to remind you of the 9-11 combinations.
no 9
12 and 21
right before 2013
and right before Christmas (never 9 or 11 on Christmas in the day.month duo)
you got 12, 13, and 21, all can be seen as "going away from 11".
This is truly a nice charming date which symbolizes a drastic change from a period we had many 9-11 combinations in the Western calender, to a period with much much less.

One of the things 2012 theorists talk about, is the subject of time, and the change of time, and the change of the perception of time.
They all fail to understand that what will really happen, is that as far as dates go, time will effect us differently.
This is the expected change in our "connection with time".
Time will be much less frightening and much less dangerous.

One last thing.
If somehow I gave you a reason to think the coming 2009 and 2011 will be horrible, this is not necessarily what I think. 1909 and 1911 were not so nice as years, but certainly not the worst of the 20th century. And even so, by 2012 it will be behind us.

I'd be more than happy to get interesting remarks, as long as they are to the point, about my theory.

(please don't analyze my signature in your replies)


(no subject)

If you would like to make Allah cry, chant mantras and do breath-counting exercises. Any polysyllabic mantra chanted outloud or within one's mind, constantly, will be fit for this purpose.
And say "Shankar" once a day
P.S. "If you see Allah on a road, just say: I am not afraid of you, no no no I am not."


I am new to this journal, but I am sort of lucky that I found it.

I know exactly what we have to do to avoid the possible big change in 2012. (Once spent 2 months in meditation to figure out what is needed).
  Would anyone like me to talk about it?